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Max Nardari is a director, screenwriter, producer, and composer.

He was born in Padua, Italy. He would later get his master's degree at the DAMS in Bologna with a dissertation on narrative techniques in the movies of Pedro Almodovar.

After moving to Rome, he graduated in directing from the NUCT of Cinecittà and subsequently also graduated in screenwriting from the RAI. He began his career alternating his filmmaker activity with that of music author writing and collaborating with several Italian artists including Raf, Fabrizio Moro, Paola & Chiara, Andrea Mirò, Simonetta Spiri.

In 2003 he created his own studio company, Reset Production Srl, with which he produced several films: short movies, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. He collaborated with film societies in Milan, such as Filmaster e BRW & Partners.

Between 2011 and 2013, Max realizes a trilogy of short movies with reflections on diversity, homophobia, racism, and favoritism in modern society: Lui & L'altro, Lei & L'altra e Noi & Gli Altri, distributed by Rai Cinema.

In 2015 Max directed his first full-length movie, co-produced by two Italian and two Russian studio companies. The film is released in Russia in March 2017 with 470 copies. Paradise productions distributed it with the title Liubov Pret-a-Portè . In the cast: Giancarlo Giannini, Alessandro Borghi, Nino Frassica, Paolo Conticini, Andrea Preti, Tosca D'Aquino, Olga Pogodina e Larisa Udovichenko.

The Italian version with the title “Di tutti i colori” (of all colors) is released to cinemas in July of 2019 with Whale Pictures.

In Italy, the movie is awarded the Love Film Festival of Perugia for the Best Director and the Terra di Siena Film Festival as the Best Comedy of 2019.

Abroad, the film is the finalist of the Global Cinema Festival at Siliguri in West Bengal, and the Festival International pour le Cinèma Casablanca.

In 2016 Max wrote, directed, and produced the comedy “La Mia Famiglia a Soqquadro”, which is released in April 2017 in the cinema circuits Space and Uci, distributed by Europictures. In the cast: Marco Cocci, Bianca Nappi, Gabriele Caprio, Eleonora Giorgi, Elisabetta Pellini, Elisa Di Eusanio e Ninni Bruschetta.The international premiere was July of 2016 at the Tokyo Festival, and the film was the only Italian movie amongst the finalists with the international title “The Family Jumble”.

The film was sold and distributed in many Asian countries and on the UK Spafax Airlines by the German vendors' Medialuna. On television, the film got a 20% average TV viewing share within the first night on RSI, the most important Swiss channel, and was released in 2020 on RAI 1.

tarting from May 2020, the movie has a global audience on Amazon Prime. In 2017, Max wrote, directed, and produced his eighth short movie “Uno di Noi”, broadcasted as a preview on Rai 1. The movie received a 10% average TV viewing share. In the cast: Euridice Axen and Simone Montedoro

In 2018 Max directed and produced two short movies “Invisibile” and "L'amore non ha religione," distributed in 2020, in TV preview on RAI PLAY. The movies were finalists in various European film festivals.

In September 2018, during during the 75ª edition of the International Film Festival of Venezia, Max was awarded the Premio Leone di Vetro as Best Director and as Venetian prestigious personality.

Since October 2018 he has been nominated for the Italian-Russian Film FestivalPrize Felix which takes place every year at the famous Anteo Cinema in Milan.

In March 2019, Max and Marco Matteucci directed the short drama movie “Gocce D'acqua”, winner of the Terra di Siena Film Festival 2019 and distributed since 2020 by Rai Cinema Channel.

Starting from 2019, Max is the Artistic Director of Sabaudia Studios, the famous and historical Italian Comedy Festival of Sabaudia (Latina, Italy) co-hosted with Tosca D'Aquino. The show will last ten days, and it will register a great success in terms of the public with a presence of almost 10,000 spectators.

In September 2019, for the second time, Max was the Artistic Director of the second edition of the Russian Film Festival Premio Felix, co-hosted with Elisabetta Pellini.

In June 2020, Max appears for the first time as a songwriter with his single in English, “Fragile”, distributes by The Orchard (Sony Music). An animated music video presents the single about the planet's environmental matter after the Coronavirus Pandemic. The music video is co-directed by Max Nardari and Emiliano Leone, an expert on visual effects.

Currently, Max is working on different areas: the new feature movie and international comedy "Everybody out" (Fuori tutti); the short film "Back to the Present" (Ritorno al presente) about the social networks. He is also writing his first motivational book on creativity, which is expected by the end of 2020, exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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