Alongside his career as director and filmmaker, Max has always cultivated his great passion for music.


He moved to London after his degree and attended the classes at the Royal Academy of Music to study guitar and piano. At the same time, he studied singing and voice following the method Voice Craft of Jo Estil. He also appeared in some London venues, singing and playing guitar.


Once settled in Rome, from 2000 to 2003, Max performed in the underground roman clubs with his band and with his pop-rock project, arranged by the orchestra conductor AntonGiulio Frulio. He sang together with Marina Rei, Simone Cristicchi, Fabrizio Moro, Alex Britti. He also trod the boards of the Palabanco di Desio in Milan, as a supporter of Niccolò Fabi and Gianluca Grignani.


It was 2004 when Max wrote the lyrics for the song "Ouch" by RAF. The album that celebrates the twenty years career of RAF as a singer takes its name after that song. In 2006 Max collaborated with Paola & Chiara, writing together with Chiara Iezzi the soundtrack of his short movies Fede & Fido and Lei & l'altra. In 2009 he wrote the lyrics “Maledettamente sola” for the debut album “Il mio momento” of Simonetta Spiri, former participant of the talent show of Maria De Filippi “Amici”.

In 2010 Max wrote for Arianna Bergamaschi, the lyrics of "La ragnatela".


Simultaneously, Max has also devoted to his career as a music video director. Besides having already shot tens of his music videos, he created many more videos for several Italian artists such as Andrea Mirò (L'uomo di metallo) with the collaboration of Enrico Ruggeri, and for Fabrizio Moro (Eppure pretendevi di essere chiamata amore). At the international level, Max shot music videos for the Norwegian artist Lean (Mother) and the Canadian singer Jacynthe (These boots are made for walking).


Max composed various songs for his short movies, collaborating with the actor Luca Angeletti singer in "Uno di Noi." He wrote the song "Io so' coatta" sung by Michela Andreozzi, the recurring theme of Lei & L'altra. The lyrics "La ragnatela," included in the Italian-Russian movie Liubov Pret-a-portè in 2017, has also been another of Max's creations. The song is part of the movie trailer and is broadcasted by several Russian radios and tv channels.

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